Amplifico - See Heart, See Muscle (3 stars)

Amplifico - See Heart, See Muscle

(MDM Creations)


A triumph in genuinely independent music, savvy Scots Amplifico, following voiceful label interest but seeking commitment, have fashioned a self-released debut of assured distinction and depth. Boasting ballsy rather than more typically twee quirks, in line with singer-songwriter Donna Maciocia’s swaggering figurehead, it is understandable why a label might be cautious in its interest: theatrical pomp leads even the truly great songs into commercially grey areas with Maciocia’s voice, in tone if not personality, not so far removed from that of pal KT Tunstall. Nevertheless, the trio are likely better for their independence having already single-handedly nurtured a dedicated and operational following and set the bar high.

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