Kelvin Fletcher wants new Emmerdale romance

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  • 23 April 2015
Kelvin Fletcher

Kelvin Fletcher

'Emmerdale' star Kelvin Fletcher has joked he wants his alter ego Andy Sugden to be with someone "prettier" than his late wife Katie

'Emmerdale' star Kelvin Fletcher would like his character Andy Sugden to be with someone "prettier" than Katie.

The farmer has been seen trying to come to terms with his grief since his wife was murdered by his brother Robert, but the 31-year-old actor thinks it's time his alter ego moved on and he was joked he wants his next romance to be with a "prettier" member of cast than Sammy Winward, who played Katie.

Kelvin told Inside Soap: "It's hard to picture [Andy] with anybody else after everything that happened with Katie. He literally went from 'couldn't have been any happier' to a broken man, so to picture him with somebody else is quite tricky. I'd probably get in trouble if I said I'd like to go with one of the prettier cast, so I'd better not say too much!"

Despite his quip, Kelvin admits he misses working with Sammy as she "always had a smile on her face" on set.

Kelvin said: "I miss her enthusiasm and commitment. It's infectious, and when someone enjoyed work as much as she did, it spurs you on. Sammy always had a smile on her face. We keep in touch, and I think she's enjoying having her life again. Sometimes these big storylines can take up quite a bit of it!"

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