Leah Wright: A phone call won't fix my relationship with Elliott Wright

'The Only Way Is Essex' star Leah Wright doesn't think a phone call is enough to fix her broken relationship with her brother

Chloe and Elliott (c) Instagram

Elliot Wright and Chloe Sims

Former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Leah Wright doesn't think a phone call is not enough to rekindle her relationship with Elliott Wright.

According to the reality TV star, the on-off relationship between her brother and Chloe Sims has torn her family apart, and it'll take more than a simple phone call to mend the damage.

Leah - who has hasn't spoken to her brother after an emotional argument between herself and Chloe - shared: "He knew I was hurting and yet he still didn't pick up the phone or come and see me. It just isn't him.

"Elliott and I haven't spoken since. He called me the other day, but I didn't pick up because I don't think a call is enough to fix this."

Despite this, Leah insists she hasn't always been against her brother's on-off girlfriend, telling The Sun newspaper: "I'd always been pro-Chloe and Elliott. But when I was told Chloe was texting Danny, I did what any sister would do and told him.

"But soon after he started defending her. Then, when I found out she wanted me off the show, I called him and said, 'Maybe I should just quit'.

"I expected him to say, 'No Leah, you can't. I need you'. But he didn't. So I handed in my notice."


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