Led Bib - Live (3 stars)

Led Bib - Live



This brief, limited edition four-tracker catches drummer Mark Holub’s quintet storming through four cuts at Pizza Express in Soho last year. Led Bib have all the bluster and fury of the band who trailblazed the unholy fusing of be-bop and punk in the UK Acoustic Ladyland, but they rely on a less punk sensibility for a more sprawling, random result. Holub is a dynamic sticksman and the twin alto saxes leading the charge give the quintet a deep, grimy timbre.

While a couple of these cuts take a bit to really shift into top gear it keenly illustrates the band’s ample skills. ‘Work Prospects’ is a little bit Black Sabbath, a little bit John Zorn, creeping and crawling, only to explode into a monstrous, sludgy riff. They close with an awesome, juddering take on Talking Heads’ ‘Memories Can’t Wait’, an indication of both where they’ve been and where they’re going.

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