Richard Hammond training dog

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  • 20 April 2015
Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond is learning to train his dog, his former 'Top Gear' co-host Jeremy Clarkson has revealed

Richard Hammond is learning to train his dog.

The 'Top Gear' presenter has been forced to take leave from the BBC show following his co-host Jeremy Clarkson's sacking after a 'fracas' with a producer and is taking the time to teach his pet pooch some new tricks, although it isn't getting off to a great start.

Writing in his column for The Sunday Times newspaper, Jeremy said: "[Richard] decided to fill his enforced leave by training his dog.

"And now, after just a couple of weeks, he reports that the dog in question hates him and hides whenever he comes into the room."

Meanwhile, BBC bosses are said to be keen to ensure Richard and the show's co-host James May stay with the broadcasting network.

An insider said previously: "Richard is a TV presenter and this could be his chance to become top dog - he's been on the show a bit longer than James. That is a big opportunity to pass over.

"It would be a great shame to lose all the talent in one go - re-booting it from scratch would be a far harder task than replacing one."

Whilst another source added: "James and Richard are popular, everyone has their fingers crossed. Their roles would alter because of Jeremy's absence but that's not to say it couldn't work. Far from it."

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