Christine Bleakley loves ageing

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  • 20 April 2015
Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley

'This Morning' presenter Christine Bleakley has revealed she loves getting older as she feels her 30s have been better to her than her 20s

Christine Bleakley loves getting older.

The 'This Morning' presenter has admitted she has no qualms about ageing and thinks her 30s have been better to her than her younger years.

She said: "I had the best time in my 20s. I didn't meet Frank [Lampard; her fiancé] till I was 30, and I've had a fantastic time in my 30s.

"I'd like to think my 40s will be even better. I'm very content where I am. I don't worry about getting old as long as people around me are getting old with me. Then we're all in it together."

The 36-year-old star also believes it is important for older woman to make their mark on television and thinks the industry is becoming less ageist as whole.

She added: "Look at Gloria Hunniford, who I love. I met her many years ago, when I first started, and there she is, sitting on 'Loose Women'.

"It's really important to have women with different ages and different views and different stories to tell. That's happening more and more."

And whilst Christine is enjoying getting older, she isn't looking to become a "glamourpuss" and admits she finds it "pleasurable" when she doesn't have to wash her hair.

She said: "I don't set myself up as a glamourpuss. There's nothing more pleasurable for me than not having to wash my hair and stick it up in a scruffy bun."

Pointing to her skin, she added to The Times newspaper's Weekend supplement: "Awful, awful. I was totally fine till I hit 30. Now I'm allergic to everything on my face."

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