Sam Faiers blasts ex Joey Essex

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  • 19 April 2015
Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers says she had to split from Joey Essex for the "sake of my sanity" and claims the 24-year-old star has a "real skill" for twisting things

Sam Faiers split from Joey Essex for the "sake of my sanity".

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star claims the 24-year-old television personality has a "real skill" for twisting things and is "unable" to deal with anything real.

She said: "If delusion was an Olympic sport Joey would have a gold medal. He is like Peter Pan, frozen in time and unable to handle anything bad or real.

"He plays on the 'Little Boy Lost' act and has always had a real skill for twisting things round to suit him because he has never really been made to grow up and take responsibility for himself.

"That's why we had to break up, for the sake of my sanity. I hoped it would end in marriage and children, but in the end I didn't know who he was any more."

And the 24-year-old star alleges Joey was "obsessed" with the idea that she had cheated on him even though she insists she never has.

Writing in her memoir 'Secrets and Lies: The Truth Behind the Headlines' as obtained by The Sun on Sunday newspaper, she said: "He could never keep anything private - not only with TOWIE viewers, but with his whole family.

"He played games and messed with my head. He was obsessed with the idea of me cheating even though I never gave him a single moment of worry."

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