Manchester Orchestra (2 stars)

Manchester Orchestra

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Sun 10 Feb


When it comes to compiling the worst album titles of all time, this Atlanta-based five-piece will surely be up there with the likes of Fiona Apple and Limp Bizkit with their second release, I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child. Live they are a much feistier proposition than on record, with thundering drums and apocalyptic guitars eventually calming to college rock, before taking it down further to just Andy Hull’s plaintive Damien Rice-style voice; when he sang ‘crying myself to sleep’, you could have heard a pint glass drop. The prospect of glasses falling was less a distraction, rather a much-needed focal point for people’s attention, which was a shame considering the calibre of some of the material, but inevitable when audience interaction was minimal. Hull thanked the audience ‘from the bottom of our hearts’. He said that twice.

One blogger described the climax of one song as ‘meeker than a cumbersome knee-trembler in your in-laws’ spare room’, an apt description of a set that was frequently good, but mediocre far too often.

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