The Twisted Wheel (3 stars)

The Twisted Wheel

Barrowland, Glasgow, Tue 19 Feb


Having previously thrust The Ting Tings upon the world (or at least the small to medium gig venues of the UK), Jon ‘Reverend and the Makers’ McClure will be getting a name as the man young Manchester bands will be hassling for their first big support slot. While The Twisted Wheel are from Oldham, the regional association never did Inspiral Carpets any harm, and if this lot can name themselves after a Manchester club the same way Oasis did so much the better.

When fresh-faced, soil-voiced singer Jonny Brown introduces himself to the crowd with the words ‘alright, y’fookers’, this establishes the tone of the set. The Wheel are the essence of Manchester (and surrounding districts) rock through the ages, though the trio do tend to swing towards the lyricism of Arctic Monkeys and the power of The Enemy, rather than the dull blank-filling that went out with Northern Uproar. Listen out for ‘You Stole the Sun’, which has a great, ramshackle chorus, and ‘Strife’, one of those tracks which make being on the dole sound almost glamorous.

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