Daniel Brocklebank has encountered complaints about gay Corrie role

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  • 16 April 2015
Daniel Brocklebank and Anthony Cotton

Daniel Brocklebank and Anthony Cotton in Corrie

Daniel Brocklebank has faced criticism from churchgoers over his role as a gay vicar in 'Coronation Street'

Daniel Brocklebank has faced abuse from churchgoers over his role as a gay vicar in 'Coronation Street'.

The 35-year-old actor - who also played the first bisexual character in 'Emmerdale' in the mid-2000s - has revealed he has received complaints about his 'Corrie' character Billy Mayhew from a "short-sighted" religious group who refuse to accept believe gay vicars could exist.

Daniel told The Sun newspaper: "One religious group complained that they were upset 'Corrie' wasn't showing a vicar who was trying to steer people away from sin - because in their view there were no gay vicars. How short-sighted."

The 'Shakespeare in Love' star - who also received a backlash when he was part of first man-on-man kiss in 'Emmerdale' history - isn't too bothered with the complaints, however, as he insists that putting homosexual characters like Billy on TV can only be a good thing in terms of educating people.

Daniel said: "I have spoken to a couple of openly gay clergy. They were pleased when they learned 'Corrie' was introducing a gay vicar because it's great to have the issue highlighted. I know the soaps are predominately about entertainment, but if you can educate at the same time then all the better."

The episode airing tomorrow night (17.04.15) will see Billy and his boyfriend Sean Tully - played by Anthony Cotton - face homophobia from the owner of a B&B.

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