Say Dirty Records Xmas Party

Classic Grand, Glasgow, Sat 2 Dec


In the cold, dark commercial freeze of the festive period, quality music tends to hibernate as obligatory best ofs and naff novelty singles fill the shelves and airwaves. It’s this that makes fledgling Glasgow label Say Dirty Records’ first Christmas bash all the more welcome - particularly as a timely reminder of the fact that indie’s remain the industry’s still beating ethical ticker.

Launched in early 2006 on a little dole money and a lot of disillusionment, label bosses (and identical twins) Björn and Erik Sandberg initially started the venture as a means of releasing music by their own band - dandy pop four piece Wake the President. The roster was soon added to when first Glasgow melodic indie rockers Endor, then Icelandic solo folkster Bela proved too irresistible discoveries to leave unsigned.

Relentless campaigning has seen all three artists clock up modest successes - singles and an album from the latter pair respectively have been warmly received, and WTP have recently been selected as Stow College’s Electric Honey project for 2007. This Christmas party doubles as a one-year birthday celebration and opportunity to showcase the talents of all involved, alongside special guests including power punks Room to Let, solo singer songwriter Ross Clark and all girl Swedish DJ collective Dolly Mixture.

‘We feel we’re a different label from all others,’ says Björn. ‘We’re like a family: Wake the President were Bela’s backing band on his record, his pedal steel player is the label’s photographer, myself and Erik run the label, and I manage Endor. Our motto is: “because we’re small enough to care”.’ How’s that for a seasonal heartwarmer?

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