Simon Pegg 'doesn't have much time' to relax with family

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  • 16 April 2015
Simon (John Furniss/Corbis)

Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg has revealed his "hectic" working schedule is an annoyance for his wife, Maureen

Simon Pegg's busy working schedule annoys his family.

The 45-year-old actor - who stars in the black comedy thriller film 'Kill Me Three Times' - has appeared in 13 films in the past five years, and has another four currently in production, meaning he doesn't have much chance to spend time with his wife of ten years Maureen Pegg and their daughter Matilda.

Asked if he ever gets time off, Simon replied: "It doesn't allow for much of a break, much to my family's chagrin.

"I'm fortunate enough to be in the position where I'm offered the chance to do a lot of interesting stuff, and really mix it up with the type of films I'm doing."

Simon - who starred alongside Tom Cruise in 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' - revealed he wants to accept the greats roles he's offered while he still can.

He told The National newspaper: "Some of the time it can be things that you don't say no to, such as working with Tom Cruise [in Mission Impossible] or J J Abrams [on Star Trek], but films like Kill Me Three Times give me the chance to play something different and work on a different type of movie.

"So it can be hectic, but I want to do as many of these types of jobs while they're still asking me."

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