Jim Davidson: Drugs made me feel like Superman

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  • 15 April 2015
Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson has admitted he wanted to have extra nostrils added to his face so he could snort more cocaine at the height of his drug addiction

Jim Davidson wanted to have "extra nostrils surgically added" to his face so he could take more cocaine.

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star has opened up about his past drug addictions to reveal he was so hooked on the illicit substance that he wanted extra nostrils so he could snort even more.

He shared: "I couldn't take enough. Drugs made me feel like Superman. Life was just one long, long party. I'd end up staying up for days on end, hanging out with people I didn't even know.

"All that mattered was the drugs. When I sniffed a line it gave me a huge buzz and a rush of euphoria. But as soon as that started wearing off I wanted more."

The 61-year-old comedian - who claims he and celebrities including Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett would meet in the toilets of nightclubs such as Stringfellows in London after their shows and "get on it" - remembers looking as though he was close to death at the height of his drug abuse.

He told The Sun newspaper: "At one showbiz party I was sat at a table with my nose bleeding, looking like I was about to keel over and die, and I remember wondering why Miss World, who was a guest at the do, didn't want to talk to me."

The former 'Generation Game' host - who also spoke about his days of dealing drugs such as speed - finally realised he had to get clean after he thought about committing suicide.

He added: "I would be sat there with a nosebleed, nearly dead.

"I couldn't get out of bed, I was cancelling gigs claiming I had flu. It was like a hangover but a thousand times worse. I didn't eat for days, I was a total mess."

Jim has since founded the Care After Combat charity, which helps military veterans who have turned to drink and drugs, and thinks legalising substances such as cocaine would "ruin" Britain.

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