O.B.E. (3 stars)

White Heat at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 9 Nov


And here was me thinking The Fratellis were playing in Glasgow this evening. So, I don’t wish to nail O.B.E. as absolute copyists, but comparisons might easily be drawn between the two bands. Scruffy and oh-so-contemporarily indie - a major label tactic these days which, of course, has nothing to do with independence - they both create rowdy pop-rock anthems to youthful foolishness and adventure.

Our case in point: the possibly intoxicated girl who leapt onstage, grabbed the mic, and proceeded to rant something about us not being a Top of the Pops audience. O.B.E.’s singer ‘Stitch’ looked mighty embarrassed at this turn of events, but she succeeded in inspiring quite a few dancers - though, actually, that might have been the band, who mix a hyperactive old-school rock pose with decent electro rhythms à la The Rapture on songs like ‘Disco Dancer’ and ‘Sex Offender’. Any success they achieve is well-earned; at least until their target audience discovers there’s a whole wide world of music out there.

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