Rylan Clark thought he'd 'healed' Kevin McHale

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  • 8 April 2015
Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale has revealed Rylan Clark thought he'd healed him when they met as the TV presenter thought he too was wheelchair bound like his 'Glee' character Artie Abrams

Rylan Clark thought he'd healed Kevin McHale, who plays wheelchair bound Artie Abrams in 'Glee', when he stood up upon meeting him.

The 26-year-old actor - who admits people often think he too needs a wheelchair - met the 'Big Brother's Bit On The Side' presenter on the set of his E4 panel show 'Virtually Famous' and found it hilarious when Rylan "freaked out" because he was able to stand.

Kevin exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "The one who had the biggest reaction was Rylan, actually. He properly thought I was in a wheelchair and he freaked out when I got up to shake his hand. He lost it. He was like, 'I thought I was the healing hand! I had no idea!'"

And although he admits it was very different playing a disabled student in the popular US show because he is able-bodied, Kevin insisted he finds it easier to play a character than convey his own personality on TV, as he does on 'Virtually Famous'.

He added: "Actually it's harder to be yourself, I find it easier playing a character, so in general it is hard for me to just be me. But it's also weird being recognised for something else other than 'Glee'."

Virtually Famous, Mondays at 10pm on E4.

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