Jon Richardson

Jon Richardson

Brel, Glasgow, Sun 16 Mar


Watching Jon Richardson disparage Rab C Nesbitt and spectacularly misjudge a Scottish audience remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen: ‘they got quite angry’ he recalls. But he was careful not to repeat it at the Edinburgh Fringe, winning an if.comeddie Best Newcomer nomination for his ‘finickety’ bachelor show Spatula Pad. He also fondly recalls supporting Alan Carr at last year’s Glasgow Comedy Festival, when the popular camp comic mischievously introduced the virtual unknown with a shrill ‘He’s Jon Richardson! And he hates gays!’

Ironically, Richardson’s cult BBC6 radio show with Russell Howard thrives on their knowing sexual tension with fans posting salacious homoeroticisms about the pair online. When Howard hinted about leaving the show this month, cyberspace groans were audible. Richardson maintains that ‘the plan is to carry on indefinitely’ but that meetings about its future begin in April. A self-confessed and self-flagellating control freak, he once shared a flat with Howard, but had difficulty imposing a strict tidiness regime. ‘We lived with two others and it was too much trying to change three people at once,’ he sighs. ‘They united against me and made me feel like I was the weirdo.’

The 25-year-old Lancastrian has adapted his character for sketches on BBC3’s Comedy Shuffle and is currently writing an extended version for a sitcom. He and Howard are also planning a film ‘that would transfer what we do on radio’. Further projects include a banter-orientated show for this year’s Fringe and convincing former footballer Mark Lawrenson to appear on their show more often. ‘We’re driving to Leeds today, a five-hour drive, so I’m sure three and a half hours will feature our bad impressions of him saying inappropriate things on Match of the Day. I reckon he thinks we’re just two gay lads who phone him up and hassle him on weekends.’

Jon Richardson's Spatula Pad

You may have heard this charmer on '6 Music' with Russell Howard. Now find out about his life as a bachelor boy. 'Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival'.

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