Vogue Williams: I don't fancy Bear Grylls 'anymore'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 April 2015
Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams has confessed she no longer has a crush on Bear Grylls after watching him drink his own urine while filming 'Bear Grylls: Mission Survive'

Vogue Williams doesn't have a crush on Bear Grylls anymore after seeing him "basically p**s into his own mouth".

The blonde beauty travelled to the Costa Rican jungle to take part in his celebrity survival show 'Bear Grylls: Mission Survive' and she admits that while she fancied the adventurer before appearing on the show, after witnessing him urinate into a bottle and then drink it she had a change of heart.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think everyone has a little bit of a Bear crush, he's like the uber-man. I don't anymore because now he's my friend and I've seen him basically p**s into his own mouth."

Vogue admits she tried everything she could think of to get out of having to drink her own urine as she hasn't been able to live it down since returning home to Ireland.

She shared: "Everyone thinks I'm disgusting, even I think I'm disgusting but it was just one of those things that you had to do, it was part of being a survival person so that's why I did it.

"I was begging Bear. Every time I saw him I was like, 'Please don't make us drink our wee, it's just too obvious, don't make us do it'. But no, we were always going to drink the wee so I did try and get out of it."

The DJ and model - who is married to former Westlife singer Brian McFadden - went on to admit she hadn't imagined Bear would be so "shy".

She added: "He's so different to what I thought he'd be. He's really quite shy and he's just so normal, he's so normal. You'd think that he would be a big superstar walking into the jungle but he's just so normal and shy and such a nice guy."

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