Fence Records Albums Launch


As bonny a gaff as The Village happens to be, the constant clatter coming from the adjoining bar area made trying to listen to this predominantly acoustic Fence Records dual album launch futile at times. Candythief (3 stars) do a smart line in country pop that was at least given a boost over the racket by some tidy drumming and keys work. The Pictish Trail’s (2 stars) short set didn’t fair so well though, comprising a handful of pretty, wistful songs of the sea, let down by too much nervy, in-joke heavy banter. Barbarossa (3 stars) aired a few kernels of intuitively twisted folk from his new LP Chemical Campfires that would have been delightful were they more, well, audible. Armed with electric guitars and a drum machine, Northern Alliance (4 stars) at least brought The Noise, debuting the swelling post rockness of their new album For the Grains of Sand. Which, with any luck, left a few ears ringing next door.
The Village, Edinburgh, Thu 3 Nov

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