DJ Hell

DJ Hell

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Fri 14 Mar


DJ Hell will perhaps always be associated with the electroclash scene, after his International DeeJay Gigolos label spearheaded the sound that changed UK clubbing in the late 90s. However for the German DJ (real name Helmut Geier) it would be unfair to identify him with one genre. ‘By the time this phrase [electroclash] came about I was already looking at different things,’ he explains. ‘By then it was over for me. Keep on moving . . .’

Always latching onto or even creating the next big thing, Hell started out DJing new wave and punk in his native Munich, before moving through landmark house and techno productions. His 1992 track ‘My Definition of House Music’ still sounds as exciting and vital as when it came out (it was even re-released in 2006 by R&S). ‘Both Punk and dance music are about doing it for yourself,’ says Hell. ‘Being able to do it all from making to releasing the record. Don’t care what other people think, do it from the heart and it will be right.’

However, it’s not just his own exemplary productions that have made Hell a legendary name in acid house and electro circles, it’s also the success of his taste making record label International DeeJay Gigolos. The label is home to groundbreaking releases from Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Christopher Just, DMX Krew, Zombie Nation, Fischerspooner, Fat Truckers and The Presets to name but a few. So expect a potent dose of the new as the Hell bandwagon rolls into Scotland.

DJ Hell

Minimal techno and electro from the German master.

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