Eamonn Holmes says Ruth Langsford would make his life 'a misery' if he cheated

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  • 1 April 2015
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes

'This Morning' co-host Eamonn Holmes has joked his wife Ruth Langsford would make his life a "misery" if he was unfaithful to her

Eamonn Holmes thinks Ruth Langsford would make his life "a misery" if he dared to cheat on her.

The couple - who married in 2010 and have a 13-year-old son named Jack together - were discussing infidelity on ITV's 'This Morning', when expert Dr. Pam Spurr advised them that doing something nice for each other every day was key to a healthy relationship, prompting Ruth to joke that she'd picked up her husband's socks earlier that morning.

Eamonn, 55, replied: "We practiced what we preached there. It's because I can't bend down anymore. That's very good, thanks."

Eamonn went on to explain he'd never cheat on his wife because she'd enjoy making him feel guilty.

Turning to Ruth, he quipped: "If there was any indiscretion, you would gladly have me back because you would be delighted every day to make my life a misery thereafter."

Speaking more seriously, Eamonn added: "[An affair] wouldn't be worth it, it really wouldn't."

Meanwhile, Ruth revealed recently that she loves tidying her underwear drawer as a way of escaping her everyday stresses.

The 'This Morning' co-host said that while her husband and their son enjoy spending time watching football on the TV, she's happy organising her bras and knickers.

She revealed: "I find it much easier than Eamonn to switch off at weekends and I'm a real home bird. I never get bored around the house. If I suddenly realise on a Saturday that (our son) Jack's out and Eamonn is watching the football or something, then a really nice way for me to spend the afternoon is tidying up my underwear drawer.

"I enjoy doing it and I feel great satisfaction when I've finished."

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