Derren Brown: the UK’s best showman?

This article is from 2015.

Derren Brown: the UK’s best showman?

credit: Seamus Ryan

The svengali of misdirection promises you a miracle on his latest UK tour

A master showman or a total show-off? Well, no one likes the latter but you could argue that we are in dire need of more from the former camp.

Derren Brown has been called both, and much else besides: after being baffled by a particularly fiendish card illusion in Channel 4’s Trick of the Mind, a bemused Stephen Fry declared that the mentalist extraordinaire just had to be taken away to the nearest stake so that he could ‘watch his witch's heart bubble’.

Everyone from Martin Kemp to Michel Roux and Robbie Williams to Richard Madeley have been well and truly foxed by his skills on TV, while some corners of the press attacked him by claiming that his almost-live death-defying climax to Russian Roulette in 2002 was nothing short of a hoax.

That kind of poo-pooing will leave little impression on the thousands who will be making their way to see the king of misdirection and manipulation when he brings Miracle to the nation, following in the footsteps of the Olivier Award-winning Something Wicked This Way Comes and Svengali.

At this stage, he’s giving little away about the content of the new show (other than it being unsuitable for under-12s and somehow relating to the ‘miracle of life’), but you can rest assured that your jaw will soon be blown and mind thoroughly dropped.

Derren Brown: Miracle

  • Directed by: Andy Nyman
  • Written by: Derren Brown

The master of mentalism takes his newest show on the road, melding mind games, illusion, showmanship and masses of charm.

Playhouse Theatre, London WC2N

Mon 11 Sep

£34.25–£64.25 / 0844 871 7627

Tue 12 Sep

£34.25–£64.25 / 0844 871 7627

Wed 13 Sep

£34.25–£64.25 / 0844 871 7627

…and 27 more dates until 14 Oct


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