William Shakespeare - Macbeth (3 stars)


(Classical Comics)


Some stories are so good they permit retelling again and again. Classical Comics knows this and these books – the fifth in their series – recreates Shakespeare’s tale of ambition, betrayal, delusion and power in a new format, the comic book.

Issued in three formats – the unabridged text, plain English text and quick text with less dialogue for a faster-paced read. Reading the full play you get a sense of the weight and the drive of the story while the down side with the quick text is that everything feels a little drawn out. The art (by Jon Haward) is bright and emphatic, if a little unsophisticated at times but the overall package is a very respectable one.

The obvious application of this series is to get younger readers digging into the classics, and with plans for Jane Eyre, Great Expectations and Frankenstein in 2008 there’s ample reason to revisit these classics.

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