Alex James praises Florence Welch

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  • 1 April 2015

Alex James in Blur

Alex James says Florence Welch is the best singer he's "ever heard"

Alex James says Florence Welch is the best singer he's "ever heard".

The Blur bassist revealed the 'Shake It Out' hitmaker - who is known for being the lead singer of Florence + the Machine - is the "best" musician he has ever been able to work with, and believes the public haven't yet heard what she is capable of.

Speaking about the star, he said: "[She's the] best singer I've worked with and possibly the best I've ever heard. She hasn't got anywhere near fulfilling her potential yet."

The 46-year-old singer/songwriter praised the fiery-haired musician while talking about some of his favourite albums with iTunes, alongside his bandmates Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree and Graham Coxon.

As well as praising legendary acts including 'Le Freak' hitmakers Chic and vocal duo The Carpenters, Alex admitted he's a fan of other contemporary female musicians including Paloma Faith who he described as "totally hot," and Ellie Goulding who he said is "the real deal".

He gushed: "[I] love her songs. She's the real deal in a world of bogus pop pretenders."

The group's frontman Damon picked fewer modern acts however, and instead revealed late singer/songwriter Bobby Womack and drummer Tony Allen are two of the most inspiring individuals for his music.

Speaking about Bobby's 1981 album 'The Poet', he said: "I could have chosen three or four of Bobby's. Records that kill me every time. Along with Tony Allen, he's one of the biggest inspirations of my musical life."

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