Laura Jackson forced to face fear of snakes

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 31 March 2015
Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson was forced to face her fear of snakes while filming 'World's Most Talented' alongside David Brian in Malaysia

Laura Jackson was forced to face her fear of snakes for 'World's Most Talented'.

The 'Take Me Out: The Gossip' host trekked across the globe with David Brian in a search for people with unusual talents but, after heading to locations including Japan, Romania, Sweden and Germany, she admits it was in Malaysia that she was really put to the test.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I really do not like snakes, and there was a guy in Malaysia that kissed these King Cobra snakes. That was awful for me.

"They kept them in these wicker baskets with these bricks on top. It really freaked me out. I had to get in the car with him, with the snakes. His kids were in the car and the kids loved the snakes."

The show also features the vocal talents of chat show host Jeremy Clarkson and Laura believes he was the only choice for the job.

She explained: "Jonathan Ross was the perfect fit to narrate the show. He is into this kind of stuff and is so much fun.

"I bumped into him at the Brit Awards and said thank you for narrating it. He told me that he and his kids love the show."

'World's Most Talented' is on Watch every Tuesday at 9pm starting tonight (31.03.15).

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