Reginald Hudlin, Larry Stroman & Ken Lashley - Black Panther: Black to the Future (3 stars)

Black Panther



Marvel celebrates Black History Month with this double-sized one shot focusing on two of the highest profile black characters in comics: The Black Panther and his wife Storm (of X-Men fame). The tale is set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, an advanced utopia, jumping forward to a possible future of 2057 while also recounting Wakanda’s role at the time of the slave trade.

Reginald Hudlin has of course been doing great work on Black Panther for a number of years, repositioning the character right in the centre of the Marvel Universe, and as the writer of quintessential black comedy House Party, and, having worked with the likes of Bernie Mac, Chris Rock and Richard Pryor he’s the ideal person for a project such as this. Entertaining and never condescending, this may be a bit worthy at times, but it’s still an interesting project considering the white hegemony of the majority of comics creators.

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