Barrowland Ballet – Whiteout

Barrowland Ballet – Whiteout

Contemporary dance exploration of bi-racial relationships

Whether she’s working with the community or creating dance for pre-schoolers, choreographer Natasha Gilmore is increasingly known for shining a light on human experiences. Whether that’s leaving your homeland or feeling too scared to climb a tree.

In her latest piece, Whiteout, Gilmore looked a little closer to home for inspiration, drawing on her bi-racial marriage and mixed race children as a starting point.

‘This is one of those pieces I felt compelled to make,’ she says. ‘It’s been around me and on my mind, and I really wanted to make it. So I started to identify the common shared experiences.’

Speaking with cast members, friends and the wider community, Gilmore soon found that there were indeed many shared experiences, not only concerning race but also gender and sexuality, all of which have been poured into the mix.

Whiteout is quite different from a lot of the work I make, which is usually very story-led,’ says Gilmore. ‘With this, I didn’t want to put anything literal on stage. It’s not like this is my story: “I met my husband and then this happened”. Instead I’ve taken different experiences, example and themes.’

Tramway, Glasgow, Wed 29 & Thu 30 Apr, then touring

Barrowland Ballet: Whiteout

Barrowland Ballet present a work responding to personal stories about biracial white British/black African children. Choreographed by Natasha Gilmore.

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