Alan Grant & Cam Kennedy - Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (3 stars)

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde



The second One Book – One Edinburgh graphic novel adaptation was never going to be a straightforward reprise of last year’s successful Kidnapped campaign, even based around a source novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde lacks the linear structure and breathless jeopardy of the earlier historical adventure story.

That said, writer Alan Grant has done an impressive job of breaking down the rambling structure of the source novel (which, like much 19th century fiction, takes the form of a series of letters and reported incidents after the fact) to its crucial scenes. Meanwhile, Cam Kennedy’s energetic illustrations bring to vivid life such gruesome set pieces as the murder of Sir Danvers Carew and the trampling of a child in the street, highlighting the mystery element of the story as the ‘fine bogey tale’ zeroes towards its finale, the near-mythical transformation scene.

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