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There are seemingly two types of band; the fashion-obsessed fad-followers and those genuinely in it for the long haul. One act who refreshingly wouldn’t know one end of a glo-stick from the other are Crash My Model Car. The Glasgow-based trio formed from the ashes of Poor Old Ben 18 months ago (an outfit famed for mixing indie pop and traditional Scottish folk) and their debut EP Maybe finds them re-energised and boasting a keen ear for soaring melodies and clattering guitars.

So, Iain Morrison (vocals/guitar), still dabbling in traditional sounds?

Not this time around. Our music as Crash My Model Car is much more a three-piece driven thing - poppy but brash, in the vein of The Lemonheads. On a deeper level however, growing up on Lewis has definitely made an impact on our attitude as a band. We have an ingrained belief in ourselves and have always felt a bit out of it which means we don’t care about some of the more cliquey, too cool for school sides of the Glasgow music scene.

You attracted a huge live following with your old band. Do you reckon Crash My Model Car can inspire the same devotion?

Well, our King Tut’s gigs always sell out and we hope that the gigs further afield on our December tour will be just as popular. I love being in the studio but going on the road is the ultimate. For me, going to a show is about a band putting their hearts on the line and leaving people feeling a bit better about the world and inspired and that’s what we try to do.

The Ironworks, Inverness, Thu 30 Nov; Café Drummond, Aberdeen, Fri 1 Dec; The Seaforth, Ullapool, Sat 2 Dec; Bannerman’s, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Dec; ABC2, Glasgow, Sun 10 Dec.

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