Peter Capaldi tells kids he's parked his TARDIS

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  • 31 March 2015
Peter Capaldi at Jameson Empire Awards

Peter Capaldi at Jameson Empire Awards

Peter Capaldi loves meeting young 'Doctor Who' fans because they believe he really is the Time Lord and he often jokes with them he's just parked his TARDIS when he chats with them

'Doctor Who' star Peter Capaldi tells children he has just parked his TARDIS when he meets them.

The 56-year-old actor admits his younger fans don't realise he's just playing a character on TV and actually think he is the Doctor and most of them are curious as to where his blue time machine is.

Speaking to Magic Radio at the Jameson Empire Awards 2015 about autograph hunters, Capaldi said: "It's lovely, lots of lovely people come and ask for them. But you know the thing about 'Doctor Who' is 'Doctor Who' covers a whole range of people and it's absolutely lovely when you get kids recognising you because they don't recognise you as an actor, they recognise you as Doctor Who. So that's a totally different thing, that's who they see and so they smile and they're delighted to see you because they feel as if you've got a TARDIS round the corner ... I always say it's round corner or it's in the car park or, you know, I've got to get it moving tonight after here."

Capaldi is currently shooting his second series as the Time Lord.

Although his first run in the iconic role was well received by fans and critics, the actor insists he feels under pressure making the new episodes.

He said: "It feels more pressure now because it keeps moving, 'Doctor Who' keeps changing, I think possibly part of the secret of its success is it's constantly moving and so we have a whole pile of new things happening ... You can't get in to a groove with it, you can't relax with it. I mean it's a wonderful job and it's great fun and obviously I know everybody a lot better now but the challenges are still there and they're different challenges but we love it. All the people who work on the show love the show and work very hard but we're very conscious of the fact that we've got to keep trying to make it special."

'Doctor Who' - also starring Jenna-Louise Coleman as companion Clara Oswald - returns to BBC One this autumn.


1. mandubani31 Mar 2015, 11:17pm Report

This man is simply amazing. He is mesmerizing as The Doctor and he appears to be a delight to meet in person. I simply cannot wait to see Series 9. Long may he reign on Doctor Who!

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