James 'Arg' Argent's 'whole lifestyle' has changed

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  • 27 March 2015
James 'Arg' Argent

James 'Arg' Argent

James 'Arg' Argent has admitted his "whole lifestyle" has changed since he spent 28 days in rehab at the end of last year

James 'Arg' Argent's "whole lifestyle" has changed since he came out of rehab.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star decided to seek treatment for his "partying ways" in December last year following his split from Lydia Bright and suspension from the ITVBe show and has revealed he is now feeling great.

He said: "It's good to be here. I've worked hard since coming home at the end of December and the start of January I've been early night sleeps, training hard every day and eating healthy. I love my boxing - my whole lifestyle has completely changed...

"I've had to change partly some of the people I was knocking about with. I'm not going out too much, but I still need to socialise with my friends - but I've not been nightclubbing as much as I used to. I'm in a much happier place. I'm back on TOWIE... I love filming, I've got my spark back. I've been very fortunate... It's good to be back."

The 27-year-old television personality spent 28 days seeking treatment, spending his birthday and Christmas at the facility and he also admitted he had been dodging the idea of going to rehab until he hit "rock bottom".

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning', he added: "It was pretty serious stuff. But it was the best decision I've ever made...

"I had a lot of support from my friends and family and the show itself. However, it was my own decision to get the treatment and help... my friends and family were hinting that I needed to go. But I was like, 'No, I'll be fine'... and it wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I realised, that I needed to do it."

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