Theatre preview: Ueinzz Theatre Company at Arika Episode 7

Theatre Preview: Ueinzz Theatre Company at Arika Episode 7

credit: Joao Caldas

Formed in a psychiatric institution Ueinzz push the format beyond expectations, offering something not experienced before in Scotland

Within Arika's Episode 7 (We Can't Live Without Our Lives), the appearance of Ueinzz Theatre Company draws a remarkable connection between caring and performance. The company were formed in 1996 inside a psychiatric institution and their shows sit somewhere between an open rehearsal and a live 'happening' dictated by the moods of the actors. While many companies boast that they challenge accepted ideas about theatre, Ueinzz roam into territory that questions the boundary between art and life.

Arika's attempts to define the company (they are offering workshops and performance over the weekend) encourage the idea that its foundation as part of a support group has defined their working practice. The 'origin myth' – that they were given their name by a usually silent member, and its meaning is elusive – speaks to the abstract, almost mystical nature of the company. While their performances do use some traditional fixtures of theatre – even a script at times, or the narrative from a classical text – they have a strikingly flexible attitude that permits sudden changes.

Ueinzz are not merely an example of how Arika is constantly evolving beyond music into performance, but also their willingness to make alliances with artists who push the format beyond expectations, offering something not experienced before in Scotland.

Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 17--Sun 19 Apr.

ARIKA15 Episode 7: We Can't Live Without Our Lives

A five-day exploration of notions about care in society, with radio shows, live performances, talks, discussions and films, featuring Brazil's Ueinzz Theatre, Laurence Rassel and Terre Thaemlitz, Hortense J Spillers and Denise Ferreira da Silva, Park McArthur and Constantina Zavitsanos and others.

Ueinzz Crossings

An open rehearsal/workshop by one of the most remarkable theatre companies in the world: Ueinzz Theatre Company, from São Paulo in Brazil, began as a therapeutic project in a psychiatric institution but early on they decided to perform in public; the performers are carers, theatre workers, patients …

All Fictions are Biographical – Ueinzz Context

An open conversation about the history and practices of Ueinzz Theatre Company.

No Ready Made Men – Open Rehearsal

An open rehearsal from Ueinzz Theatre Company, as they prepare for the evening performance of No Ready Made Men.

No Ready Made Men

The Brazilian theatre company presents its work in performance.

Cartography of Exhaustion

A talk by Peter Pál Pelbart of Ueinzz Theatre Company on power, community and resistance.

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