Theatre preview: Last Dream (On Earth)

Theatre Preview: Last Dream (On Earth)

Gameli Tordzro / credit: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Kai Fischer's latest production uses sound to celebrate adventures into the unknown

Although he is known as a scenographer – his collaborations with Vanishing Point have made him one of Scotland's most celebrated stage designers – Kai Fischer's latest production moves towards post-visual theatre. The entwined stories, of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and refugees on a journey that they hope will change their lives, are told primarily through sound, with the audience wearing headphones.

Using a transcript of Gagarin's conversations with his control team during his time in space, which Fischer first read in his youth, and material gathered from refugees, the unconventional format came from Fisher's creative process.

'I spent a week in Malta in a refugee camp,' he explains. 'And we had a wide range of stories. It became central to us that the piece is about listening, and creating your own images: the audience is going to listen to a world that is created by the musicians and the sound designer.'

Despite the difference between the two adventures – mankind's ascent to space, and the escape from terrible conditions on earth – Fischer's intention is to allow the stories to tell themselves: the experiment with the way that they are experienced connects to his desire not to obscure the subject with spectacle, but offer a more immediate engagement.

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 1--Sat 4 Apr, then touring Scotland

Last Dream (On Earth)

Theatrical experience using live music and immersive soundscape through headphones.