Glasgow's Sub Club launches Sub Hub, a creative space filled with big ideas

Sub Club launches Sub Hub

Subculture residents Harri & Domenic to play Sub Hub launch and various events

Mixing DJ sets, talks and exhibitions, covering design, visual art, film and music, Sub Club's new initiative is embracing all creative genres

It’s really quite an exciting month for Glasgow if you’re (a) into electronic music, and (b) also into other types of creative stuff – whether it’s design, visual art, film. Let’s face it: it’s not like Sub Hub founders are groping about in the dark here; there is, it’s safe to say, an innate connection between many of the filaments of these creative fields. But, as in life, it’s not popularity which is important here: it’s the fact that Glasgow has, yet again, proved itself to be worthy and capable of yet another event which takes a genre some could class as throwaway, and pushes it back into the sphere of the intelligent and the creative. Glasgow can do fun, but Glasgow can also do intelligent fun.

Essentially you’re looking at four weeks of events, taking place mainly in a city centre loft space (hence the ‘hub’ part) which acts as a blank canvas for a ton of events revolving around electronic culture. DJ sets, talks from internationally respected DJs, exhibitions, places to sit and ‘hang’ or ‘chill’ after a heavy night with some food that isn’t noodles in a plastic tub. Think Sonar By Day, but with a permanent fine drizzle accompanying all events, and possibly a job to go to in between.

Another key element, though, is that they’ve created a place for like-minded people, people who perhaps met and melded through a love of clubbing, to meet without being in a club; where you can sit and chat about the stuff behind it.

We’ll keep you informed of the main events as they unroll, but for now we’ll let Sub Club’s Managing Director Mike Grieve explain it further, since he’s the one who set the whole thing up.

How did the idea for the Sub Hub come about, and what's the general aim behind it?

Mike: There’s definitely a void in the artistic calendar for events of this sort relating to electronic music, and Glasgow has an international reputation in this field. We’ve felt for a long time that the Sub Club occupies a special place in the city’s artistic community which transcended the four walls of the basement which houses it, and we’ve had a desire for some time to explore collaborations within the spectrum of the city’s creative community.

Obviously we bring many different artists to the club from across the globe over the course of any given year, so it seemed like a logical development for us to engage with some of those who we have coming to Glasgow during this period – and to try and give folk in Glasgow the opportunity to interact in a different way with those artists.

What’s the connection with the Red Bull Music Academy tour – another significant event taking place in Glasgow this weekend?

The timing of the RBMA event being in Glasgow pushed us towards doing it at this time – but it’s something we’d have done anyway. We’re big fans of the way in which RBMA engage with the electronic music industry and have been involved in many projects with them over the years, perhaps most notably the Revolutions in Sound event in 2013 where we took over the London Eye for the night with around 20 other dance music institutions. Having them in the space over the launch weekend made perfect sense and we appreciate their support.

Was it based on a model which has been run in other cities before? Or do you think this is quite a new and innovative thing that Sub Club is doing?

The idea is ours – it wasn’t suggested by anyone else – but of course, we drew inspiration from other globally recognised events such as Melbourne Music Week, Sonar, SXSW, ... Needless to say, we’re intent on putting a particularly Sub Club and Glasgow spin on things.

Have you got firm expectations of what sort of people and atmosphere to expect?

We’re expecting a mixed bag – people from the creative community, curious club goers, and people who are simply interested in experiencing a fantastic new cafe bar environment for a few weeks. The atmosphere should be relaxed but buzzy, chilled out and conducive to good chat. There are lots of elements we’re unsure of in terms of how they’ll pan out, but we’re used to flying by the seat of our pants – kinda goes with the territory for us!

Which events are you personally looking forward to, and why?

Stuart Cosgrove’s Detroit 67 Book Launch promises to be really interesting as it brings together a soul music sensibility with a bit of very relevant social/political history around African Americans in general, and their place in the music industry. Derrick May will also be hooking up with Stuart for a Q&A and film screening which is really fascinating, as Stuart wrote the seminal techno article ‘7th City Techno’ for The Face in 1988 after a visit to Detroit where he hung out with Derrick, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson.

There’s a family-friendly event on Easter Sunday with Day of the Jaguar – a local arts collective with some great ideas – and one of our all time favourite producers, Henrik Schwarz from Berlin, doing a demo on Record Store Day.

The Sub Hub launches with an opening part on Friday 27 March, with events running until 26 April. Follow the link to find out more and sign up for event guestlist spots:


Glasgow's well-established house institution continues to reign supreme, with residents Harri and Domenic and occasional big-name guests.

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