Zayn Malik quits One Direction. Parents react.

Zayn Malik quits One Direction. Parents react.

The news that Zayn Malik has left One Direction has shocked fans everywhere. We asked our families how they felt about the revelation

What a difference five years makes. Can you believe it was a mere 260 weeks ago that Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis, all bright eyes and trendy haircuts, auditioned for Simon Cowell's corporate X Factor cash cow? Little did they know that individually they would be considered next to useless, but together … Together was something entirely different.

They failed to impress as single entities, but were quickly herded into a fivesome which went on to place third in the competition. But Cowell is no schmuck and before you could say 'cynical marketing ploy' their debut single 'That's What Makes You Beautiful' became the most pre-ordered Sony single in history.

The rest, as they say, is history.

And then, as inevitable as Robbie leaving Take That, or Geri leaving The Spice Girls or Justin leaving N*Sync, five became four. Teen hearts around the world collectively shattered and social media remains unnavigational without heart-wrenching hashtags and earnest pleas for the young heart throb to remain in the group.

We at List HQ aren't quite the One Direction target audience, but we knew exactly who is. Yup, our mums (and dads and occasional grandparents). So we texted them one simple question: 'What do you think about Zayn leaving One Direction' and the replies tell you all you need to know about this moment in musical history.

Charlotte's Mum
: Gutted. It will never be the same. End of an era.

Rebecca's Dad: who?

Rebecca's Gran (on behalf of her Granddad): Not a lot, Frankie has been asked to join louis liam harry niall what do you think do you think he will be a hit xxxx

1D texts 1

Rebecca's sister: Mate he did it for 5 years and made his millions. Why are you so concerned about one direction? 1 down 4 to go! They annoy me

Debbie's Mum: Good on him too much for a young person. Curry sounds good mind your toilet duck in the loo.

Kirstyn's Mum: Is this text for me? Am I supposed to have an opinion on this? Well, from the very little I know of it I can only say well done zayn get your priorities right leave the whole crazy set up behind and live a normal life if possible. I was forced to watch the voice at Margarets on saturday – dreadful show and dreadful voices – so perhaps I am a bit out of touch with popular culture. I am in Edinburgh this weekend - have you time to go washing machine hunting?

1D texts 2

1D texts 3

1D texts 4

Fiona's Mum: Zayn who? Am I bovvered … no

Chris' pal: …..................................

1D texts 5

Alex's Mum: Never heard the name b4. I call them One Dimension btw. X

Murray's Dad: Who or what is Zayn? And in which direction was it going?

1D texts 6

Catch the **sniff** quartet on tour now.

One Direction

Lock up your daughters – the staggeringly popular X-Factor behemoth pops off on a wee stadium tour.

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