Edinburgh Art Festival 2015 programme is announced

Edinburgh Art Festival 2015 programme is announced

The festival includes ongoing National Galleries Scotland shows / Credit: © The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation 2014

For the first time, the EAF features an open call for submissions by early career artists

Edinburgh Art Festival announced its 2015 programme today. For the first time in its 12-year run the festival is issuing an open call for proposals by early career artists, giving recent graduates a chance to have their work seen by an international audience during Edinburgh's festival month, alongside the work of major Scottish and international artists.

The festival features the first solo shows in Scotland by Phyllida Barlow at Fruitmarket Gallery; Kwang Young Chun at Dovecot Studios; Hanne Darboven at Talbot Rice Gallery, and Beatrice Gibson at Collective. Other notable international events are he first solo show in a public gallery by the late John Chamberlain, and the first major solo show in the UK by the remarkable US artist Tara Donovan.

There's also new work by Scottish artists, with shows by Toby Paterson at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and by Sara Barker at Jupiter Artland, as well as the aforementioned open call, which will see a minimum of three submitting artists chosen by a panel including EAF director Sorcha Carey and artists Christine Borland and Craig Coulthard.

Elsewhere, ongoing National Galleries Scotland shows like Lee Miller and Picasso, MC Escher , Jean-Étienne Liotard and Roy Lichtenstein come under the embrace of the festival.

The 2015 commissions programme features new work in unusual locations across the city from, among others, Charles Avery and the ever-unpredictable Marvin Gaye Chetwynd. There are live performances in the Associate Programme, a strong photographic component in new exhibitions by Canadian photographer Derek Michael Besant and Scottish duo kennardphillips, and enterprising Edinburgh galleries such as Rhubaba, Collective and The Number Shop will all be hosting EAF shows.

As if that's not enough in a month already stuffed with more things to see and do than anyone could possibly go to, there are examinations of the birth of photography; 19th century Japanese porcelain; panel discussions, sound works and other events. Edinburgh: festival like you mean it.

Edinburgh Art Festival is at various venues in Edinburgh from Thu 30 Jul--Sun 30 Aug 2015.

Edinburgh Art Festival

Scotland's largest annual celebration of visual art offers work by the best contemporary Scottish artists as well as exhibitions of the most important international artists and movements of the 20th century and other historical periods. This year, ten artists from previous Edinburgh Art Festival editions will present…

Jean-Étienne Liotard

Jean-Étienne Liotard (1702–1789) was one of those painters who stood out from the crowd. The Geneva-born artist was one of the most dazzling draughtsmen of his time, and his hyper-realistic portraits glow with the individuality of each sitter; making even the greatest of his contemporaries look conventional. Over the…

ARTIST ROOMS: Roy Lichtenstein

A three-room display of the work of Roy Lichtenstein (1923–1997), the man who made Ben-Day dots into his signature style. This display brings together for the first time works by the wittiest of the pop artists.

The Amazing World of MC Escher

The Dutch artist MC Escher produced some of the most fascinating and eye-twisting images in 20th century art, informed by his profound intuitive understanding of mathematics and a razor-sharp technique. Referenced by everyone from science writer Douglas Hofstadter to Family Guy, he's still little-known to the…

Lee Miller and Picasso

The photographer and sometime model Lee Miller took more than 1000 photographs of Picasso, and he in turn painted her portrait six times. This show features approximately 100 of Miller's images as well as a painting and drawing by Picasso, and explores the long friendship between a great artist and an extraordinary…

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