Laura Marling's 'undignified' time away

Laura Marling

Laura Marling

Laura Marling felt her time away from the music industry was "undignified" but has insisted she had "little choice" but to have a break.

Laura Marling felt her time away from the music industry was "undignified".

The singer/songwriter - who has just released her fifth studio album 'Short Movie', her first in nearly two years - has insisted she had "little choice" in delaying her album release.

She said: "I had little choice in the matter. It didn't seem to want to happen. It was undignified - that's exactly what it felt like.

"My music and my ability and my confidence in my ability were a huge part of my persona. Because that's such a grounding thing to be confidently doing what you are lucky enough to be good at. And I didn't have that - for the first time ever. It was horrible."

With it being her first release in over 15 months, the 25-year-old folk musician wanted to take control of the whole album and opted to co-produce it alongside her drummer Matt.

She added to "I felt like it was a little bit fragile and that I needed to protect it. When I thought about producing it myself, it wasn't that I thought 'I'm going to do all of this' it was more that I knew if I produced it myself I would work with these particular people no questions asked.

"The string players are three of my oldest friends, the engineer was a lovely friend of mine in a tiny studio that I love and my drummer Matt basically co-produced with me. They were all just gentle, ego-less people. It's hard to get all of those people in a room if there is someone else running the show."

Laura Marling

Engaging alt.folk from the waif-like singer whose music brims with lyrical depth and maturity.


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