Timbaland promotes quality music

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 March 2015


Timbaland wants to find young people to mentor who have the same "hunger and passion" for music that he does

Timbaland wants to make music that will "break through the garbage".

The 43-year-old record producer is working with a number of young up-and-coming artists both on their own records and his own upcoming album 'Opera Noir'.

He said: "What I'm trying to find are these young people who have the same hunger and passion I once had and still have, and pass it on to the future. I feel I can be a mentor and help make new music that will break through some of the garbage.

"When music starts to fall off the path, with dumbness and flashiness, well, it's my job to set a tone, a foundation. If you want quality music, come up on the Timbaland side of the street."

The 'Carry Out' hitmaker - who has worked with stars including Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Jay Z throughout his successful career - has also hinted at the influences of some of the new artists he's working with.

He explained to Vanity Fair magazine: "I've got a label partnership now with L.A. Reid. I'm producing a 19-year-old girl named Tink, who's going to change things back to the days of Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott - girls who gave you substance the way Biggie Smalls and Tupac did.

"And a singer named V. Bozeman - and while I don't like comparing people to other people, she's going to give you that feeling that Whitney Houston gave you."

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