Will Ferrell can't predict success

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 March 2015
Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell doesn't think anyone can predict how well their movies will do at the box office

Will Ferrell has "no sense" of how successful his movies will be.

The 47-year-old actor insists stars who claim they knew their work would bomb or be a box office smash are "lying" because there are a number of random factors to consider.

Asked if he has an idea of how his work will fare, he said: "Sadly no. I have still no sense whatsoever. My barometer hasn't gotten any sharper.

"I think anyone who says they know right away, they're lying.

"When you see the edited film, you just have to feel, 'We made something that feels different, fresh and new and it has a strong point of view.' It's up to the gods at that point.

"You never know when a movie is going to hit the zeitgeist for whatever reason, whether it's release date, what's out there at the same time, are people in the mood to see a comedy at a certain point? All those factors you really aren't in control of. I don't feel like my gauge is sharpened in any way."

The 'Get Hard' actor believes the most important thing to consider with his movies is whether making them "feels good" or not.

He told the Independent newspaper's Radar magazine: "We did this movie 'Casa de Mi Padre' which was entirely in Spanish. That is an example of, 'Really! An American comedy star does an entire movie in Spanish, who doesn't speak Spanish, and all the studios go, 'Hmmm... we don't know how to distribute it.' That's one where you go, 'That seems weird especially when a lot of the statistics say the Hispanic audience is one of the largest movie-going audiences in America.' You just have to feel good about what you're making and truck along."

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