New on Netflix UK, Amazon Prime and MUBI: April 2015

New on Netflix, Amazon and MUBI: April 2015

James Franco in Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers, Star Trek, Oblivion, 12 Years a Slave all coming to VOD next month

Enter an eerie seaside town with the late, great Dennis Hopper in 1960s B-movie Night Tide, which is now showing on MUBI. When Navy seaman, Johnny, takes leave from his job he meets a young woman named Mora who claims to be a mermaid. Night Tide has a lot in common with the Val Lewton produced flicks from the 1940s, with some added nifty jazz flute accompaniment to mark the period.

Or you could head for the shore with a gang of college girls in Harmony Korine’s wildly provocative Spring Breakers which will appear on Netflix in mid-April. It features a memorable performance from James Franco as a sleazy gangster with gold grills, corn rows and a penchant for Britney Spears tunes. Korine captures lusty youth in this neon lit universe where morals are murky and money is everything.

If it’s more teen angst you’re after, try the original Step Up which is now available on Amazon Instant Video. Channing Tatum does a pop and lock, pirouette and break dances in a car park in less time than it takes to tie your shoelaces. The Step Up franchise has so far spawned four sequels but none of them live up to the original which remains the best.

Agnès Varda’s Le Petit Amour is also now showing on MUBI which sees an older woman break all the rules and begin a fling with a 15-year-old boy. Varda reverses the male fantasy in this strange and playful 1980s drama. Real life mother and daughter Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg both appear.


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Amazon Instant Video

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