Puppet Animation Festival 2015: 'Good puppetry allows all of us to engage with our imaginations'

Puppet Animation Festival 2015: 'Good puppetry allows all of us to engage with our imaginations'

Celeste’s Circus

Celebrating the art of puppetry since 1984

From Bunraku wise men to Shakespearean marionettes, puppets have been enjoying a huge renaissance in UK theatre. But you could say that the Puppet Animation Festival is well ahead of the curve, having hosted 30 annual celebrations of this art form since 1984.

Led by artistic director Simon Hart, the festival will take to 68 venues across Scotland and the north of England, filling the Easter holidays with animals, monsters and book characters created from cloth, wood and paper. ‘Our Puppet Animation Festival is very much providing a showcase for the varied work created by puppeteers in the UK,’ says Hart.

‘I think a good puppetry piece enables its audience – both children and adults – to believe that characters made from inanimate material can be brought to life. This willing suspension of disbelief allows all of us to engage again with our imaginations – which we all recognise from our own childhoods.’

Hart’s top tips for Scotland’s programme include retro-big top Celeste’s Circus and Little Princess Goldtree, a version of the Snow White story. In the festival’s animation section meanwhile, Family Treats is an international programme of short films made around the world.

The Puppet Animation Festival is at various venues across Scotland from Sat 28 Mar–Sat 18 Apr.

Puppet Animation Festival

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