Kate Moss' lover's fame fear

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 March 2008

Kate Moss' lover's fame fear

Kate Moss' boyfriend hates his newfound celebrity status.

The Kills' rocker Jamie Hince - who has been dating supermodel Kate since last September - finds it "bizarre" and annoying when he reads about himself.

He said: "My mother kept reading the newspapers but I told her to stop it. It's just nonsense. It doesn't affect me, but I find it annoying, rude, and bizarre.

"I defy anyone to not be affected by constantly having lies written about them. But I'm not some kid trying to be something - I know who I am now. Nothing can bother me that much."

Jamie also revealed he loved recording The Kills' new album 'Midnight Boom' in Benton Harbour, because it is such a secretive town.

He added: "Benton Harbour in Michigan is pretty much a shell of a town that was really affected quite badly by riots in 2003 and hasn't been rebuilt. My friends bought up an amazing studio space there and it's become like a second home to me.

"It makes recording there secretive and you get a sense that you're hidden away."

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