Anna Friel's weird letters

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  • 9 March 2008

Anna Friel's weird letters

Anna Friel is bombarded by "weird" fan letters.

The British actress, who stars in hit US TV show 'Pushing Daisies', admits her stunning looks attract far too much unwanted attention.

Anna said: "I don't really think about being a fantasy object. I'd only think about it if I got weird things through the post. There was a guy who sent me a photograph of his bedroom and it was walls and walls just covered in posters of me. I found that a bit freaky. And asking for knickers is weird too."

The 31-year-old star, who has been dating 'Harry Potter' actor David Thewlis for seven years, also admits being seen as a sex symbol made it hard for her to trust men and form relationships.

Anna, who has previously dated actor Darren Day and singer Robbie Williams, told Esquire magazine: "It was hard having relationships. I think that is why I fell into Darren's arms. He was someone who wasn't really bothered by any of that. And I thought, 'Here is someone to love me and take care of me.'

"I get lots and lots of attention. I suppose you have got to look through it and make sure they like you for the right reasons."

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