CBeebies Live: Justin and Friends sees Mr Tumble and pals return

CBeebies Live: Justin and Friends sees Mr Tumble and pals return

Justin's House / credit: BBC / Lucy West

Justin Fletcher's most well known creation takes to the stage in this new show

Within months of having your first child, it’s inevitable that Justin Fletcher will feel like he’s always lived in your home, so ubiquitous is the multi-talented host of several shows on kids channel, CBeebies.

A character comedian, voice artist and qualified clown whose dad used to write songs for Elvis Presley, his repertoire currently includes sketch show Gigglebiz, sugar-crazed live slapstick show Justin’s House and Something Special, home of his clowning Mr Tumble character and revolutionary in its use of Makaton sign language.

Having already toured Justin’s House as a live arena show, this follow-up’s theme – ‘Mr Tumble’s Circus’ – is an attempt to get his most well-known creation more involved.

‘I went to the circus many times as a child,’ says Fletcher, ‘and what I vividly remember is the clown car collapsing and a big water cannon spraying the audience with bubbles – wow!

‘Now I have my own clown car that we’re going to use in this show, along with speciality acts like juggling and balancing – and clowning. It wouldn’t be a circus if it wasn’t for the clowns.’

It also wouldn’t be a CBeebies show without a kid-friendly repertoire of special guests, so expect to see dinosaur hunter Andy Day, Gemma Hunt of the pirate-themed Swashbuckle and continuity presenter Cat Sandion, as well as Justin’s House regulars Robert the Robot and Little Monster.

Just Party – Justin Fletcher

CBeebies Live! Presents Justin & Friends: Mr Tumble's Circus

Circus-themed spectacular with popular CBeebies characters.

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