Keith Allan & Tomas Downes: Never Spotted Leopard

Keith Allan & Tomas Downes: Never Spotted Leopard

credit: courtesy of the artist, Keith Allan 'Untitled (I worn my elbows to the bone for you)'

David Dale Gallery's paradoxically titled exhibition presents artwork in a state of flux

For Never Spotted Leopard, David Dale Gallery will bring together two artists dealing with complex issues associated with materiality and authenticity.

UK-born Keith Allan and Tomas Downes discovered one another's practices through their adopted art community in Copenhagen, where they are both now based. This is the first time they have exhibited together, and we can expect to see a synthesis of ideas from these artists whose work has developed 'from a similar starting point aesthetically and conceptually, with interesting divergences,' as the curator for this show, Max Slaven, explains. 'There is an agreement between Allan and Downes in their formal approaches.'

On the surface, both artists utilise an industrial aesthetic, but more interesting are their differing processes for achieving this end. Allan begins with images and transforms them into three-dimensional forms, while Downes compresses his concepts to surface. It will be fascinating to see how these oppositional approaches play out in the gallery space, and what fresh interpretations might be made with the proximity of the works. Both artists will exhibit works made recently, with Allan due to produce new work for Never Spotted Leopard.

David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, Sat 11 Apr – Sun 10 May.

Keith Allan and Tomas Downes: Never Spotted Leopard

Joint show from Copenhagen-based artists.