Helen Wood felt like 'crackhead' on diet pills

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  • 16 March 2015
Helen Wood

Helen Wood

Former 'Big Brother' winner Helen Wood felt like a "crackhead" when she was on diet pills

Helen Wood felt like a "crackhead" when she was on diet pills.

The former 'Big Brother' winner has admitted she used to take pills aimed at burning fat but believes it was an "idiotic" decision.

She said: "I've been a complete idiot when it comes to weight in the past. Any kind of tablet I could get my hands on to lose pounds and cheat the gym or quash hunger, I'd get it.

"The alleged fat burning tablets, I used to gobble like sweeties then end up with the shakes all day like a crackhead going cold turkey, before clucking for carbs and binging on chips and cheese.

"From aged 19 to 21, I took them on and off, which is scary really. I didn't even think to ask what was in them. I was basically having legalised whizz, I'm not even sure they're legal in the UK?! What a plonker."

The television personality felt she was piling on the pounds too much and has since tried a new diet plan to shed the weight.

Writing in her column for The Daily Star newspaper, she added: "It's been seven months since I left Big Brother, during which time I virtually burnt zero calories, ate like a hog and smoked like a chimney. I went in a slim size 6 and exited a porky 12. Just to clarify, I'm NOT saying this is fat. Yet for a girl my height, I can't get away with putting timber on or I look like a bouncer...

"So, for the last two weeks, I've been on a detox... I started with a three-day juice cleanse... After that, all this sexy food starts to arrive, not your ordinary bland rabbit food that you feel suicidal about eating. We're talking gourmet ingredients... I'm bigging 'the new me' up partly because I feel a million times better."


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