'Sexual' Janet Jackson

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  • 8 March 2008

'Sexual' Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson insists she has always been "sexual".

The 'Feedback' singer is stunned by the amount of attention her new album 'Discipline' has received because of its raunchy lyrics, because she has always explored her sexual side through her music.

She said: "'Discipline' is no different than the previous albums, but I notice that people are paying more attention to this one in the way it's being rated as more sexual than the other. Or even 'Rope Burn' where I talked about blindfolds and being tied up.

"Or 'Would You Mind' - there were no metaphors whatsoever used in that song. I remember my producer Jimmy Jam reading the lyrics and going 'Whoa, OK!'

"I'm just being honest and telling you how I feel. 'Discipline' is nothing new. I'm surprised at people's reactions. What's the big deal? On 'If' when I say, 'Your smooth and shiny feels good against my lips,' it's like - what else could I be talking about?"

Janet also spoke about recent reports that she wanted to have a threesome with her record producer boyfriend Jermaine Dupri and another woman.

She added to The Guardian's Film and Music magazine: "You have to be true to yourself. I'm not saying I have had a threesome, I'm not saying I haven't had one. But if a threesome is something I was into, that would be me, not you. And if that's something you want to try, then that's up to you."

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