Mungo's Hi Fi

The Woodside Social, Glasgow, Fri 8 Dec


Last year The List ran an article on how the Woodside Club’s existence was being threatened by a small group of local residents complaining about noise pollution. It is with both joy and a little sadness that we bring you an update on the situation. Thankfully, the campaign seems to have died down for now due to the many changes the venue has enforced to combat any cause for concern. ‘I’ve not heard anymore about it,’ elaborates Doug from Mungo’s Hi Fi. ‘I think they have stopped the campaign. The Woodside is now only open late on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so maybe this has helped. I also heard that they threatened to open a rehab clinic or needle exchange if they lost their license. I don’t know how much truth there is in this, but it’s an amusing thought.’

However, after seven good years at one of the city’s most treasured venues, sadly Mungo’s have decided to pack up their soundsystem and move to the Glasgow School of Art. Doug admits that this has been ‘a tough decision’ but factors like the smoking ban, (‘only six people are allowed out at a time to smoke, which is OK until it gets busy’) and noise complaints about music and the fact that they ‘couldn’t have any live element after midnight’ meant that it put a stop to them bringing MCs to perform. Duncan Birrell from Superfly admits that he hasn’t, ‘had time to think about those locals recently but no doubt we’ll hear all about it when the license is up for renewal.’ Unlike Mungo’s Hi Fi, they are staying put, or, as he puts it, ‘we intend to keep on keepin’ on. It’s still as colourful and loud and sweaty as ever.’