Arthur Darvill wanted 'drunken antics' on Broadchurch set

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  • 12 March 2015
Arthur Darvill in Broadchurch

Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill has confessed he and his 'Broadchurch' co-stars were very civilised both on and off set and didn't get involved in any "drunken antics"

Arthur Darvill is disappointed there were no "drunken antics" on the set of 'Broadchurch'.

The 32-year-old actor admits it was "amazing" to reprise his role as Reverend Paul Coates in the second series of the hit ITV drama but confessed he and his co-stars were all very "civilised" when socialising after work.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "There wasn't much, because it was so busy, there wasn't much time to go out but we'd have dinner together. It was all very civilized, there were no drunken antics in the evening sadly but I met some very close friends working on it."

The former 'Doctor Who' star confessed that although he and the other stars of the show - including Jodie Whittaker, David Tennant and Olivia Colman - didn't get drunk together, they did like to play pranks on one another.

He explained: "We do have quite a lot of fun. There were a lot of pranks actually. I think because it's such a serious show, I think if you attack it with such darkness it becomes quite unbearable so I think we did quite a lot to keep spirits up throughout production."

Arthur added: "I told Jodie a story about how my mum bought my nan a cardboard cut out of me for Christmas one year and kept thinking there was an intruder so she had to put it in the loft and I was telling Jodie this and she ordered one off the internet and put it in my trailer so when I came to work I was stood face to face with myself, and then it did the rounds.

"This horrible cardboard cut out of me ended up in everyone's trailers, people's bathrooms and even Olivia Colman's bathroom in her hotel room and you could just hear people screaming from different parts of where all the trailers were and you could just see this version of me being thrown out the door.

"I ended up seeing it just cut in half by the bins which was quite a sad fate for it. No one wanted to take it home."

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