Revenge, torture, nudity and true love: when Princess Bride met Game of Thrones

Watch Princess Bride v Game of Thrones mashup

Princess of Thrones: it’s more than a kissing book (peeking allowed)

'It’s the book my father used to read to me when I was sick and I used to read it to your father, and today I’m going to read it to you…'

It’s a common tale. Boy is sick. Boy visits Grandpa. Boy asks Grandpa to read him a story. Grandpa whips out the old Game of Thrones. What?! No?

Well dreams have just become reality with Shawn Kohne and Todd Spence’s truly childhood altering mash-up of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride and George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones. It contains no sports like the pre-pubescent Fred Savage clearly anticipated, but instead an awful lot of fighting, torture, revenge, monsters; oh and ‘true love’. And by 'true love', we mean copious amounts of nudity.

Coinciding with the official launch of Games of Thrones latest season 5 trailer ‘The Wheel’, we’ll let you decided which version your prefer.

'Jesus Grandpa what did you read me this for?' Yeah, Grandpa. Why?

**Warning, spoilers and graphic deaths ahead**


1. Shawn Kohne13 Mar 2015, 8:18am Report

Steffen, thanks so much for the write up!!

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