Frozen Fever score previewed online

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  • 12 March 2015
Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel performed 'Let It Go' in the original film

Christophe Beck - the composer of the 'Frozen Fever' score - has revealed the new tunes are inspired by the original movie

A two-minute preview of the score to 'Frozen Fever' has been released online.

The eagerly-awaited short film is set to debut later this month and Christophe Beck - the composer of the score - has revealed it's been inspired by the 2013 musical fantasy-comedy film, starring Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, whose performance of the track 'Let It Go' won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

He explained: "I made a conscious effort to have the score for Frozen Fever evoke the spirit of the feature film - in fact, the first few bars reprise one of the themes from Frozen.

"From then on, though, I introduce new material, but it never strays far from its musical ancestor."

To create the distinctive 'Frozen' sound, Beck "used indigenous Scandinavian instruments, to give people a sense of time and place that felt new and unique to Frozen, but with a more traditional symphonic backbone providing that classic Disney feeling".

Meanwhile, Kristen Bell, who starred as Anna in the original movie, revealed recently that her two children - Lincoln, 23-months, and Delta, 12 weeks - are not allowed to watch the film.

The actress - who's married to Dax Shepard - said: "[Lincoln's] never seen 'Frozen'! She is not my biggest fan. She just doesn't know what I do for a living! She couldn't care less. [It] is extremely humbling to come home to someone who couldn't care less about what you do!

"The APA [American Psychological Association] recommends that you let kids watch TV when they're 2 and a half, so we're trying to follow that, which unfortunately is not realistic for all parents."

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